The Biggest Facebook Advertising Mistake That’s Costing You Money Right Now … and 5 Tips to Fix It

In today’s article, I’m going to call you out, make you feel uncomfortable and a little bit silly, for making a common mistake with your Facebook advertising that’s costing you WAY more money than you should be spending.

If you’re making this mistake, don’t worry, you’re in good company! Because we see advertisers, students and clients make it all the time. And don’t worry, in just a couple of minutes you’ll know how to fix it too.

So here’s the thing…

The mistake you’re probably making right now, is not knowing when to advertise to people on mobile devices, their cell phones, tablets, etc. and when to advertise to them on desktop/laptop computers.

When you’re advertising on Facebook and Instagram, you have the power to decide who sees your advertisements and on which devices.

For those of you who do know that, I bet you’re still making a ton of COSTLY mistakes with this. So right now, I’m going to give you 5 tips and tricks to be successful when advertising on mobile and desktop computers.

Let’s get into it…


Facebook Advertising Tip #1: Stop Advertising To People While They Poop!

Yeah, you saw that right. Stop advertising to people while they poop! 💩

Gross, I know. But what does that actually mean?

Here’s an example …

If I’m Billy, and I want to sell a thousand widgets online, the worst thing I can do is run a mobile ad between the hours of 8am to 5 pm and ask people to pull out their credit card to buy my widget. Why?

Well, think about it, when you have time during the work day to pull out your phone and browse Facebook and Instagram, typically where are you?

That’s right…on the can. Taking a poop. Sorry, but it’s a fact. Go ahead, check that fact, and have fun with that research!


Now, back to the widget I’m trying to sell. Here I am, asking people to take out their credit card to buy my widget, and go through a bunch of steps to do that.

It’s frustrating enough just to send texts on those things … because our fingers are too big or our eyesight is shot and it turns into a jumbled mess on the other end. MAJOR PAIN!!!

And now I want my prospects to pull up their pants and whatever else they need to do in the bathroom, whip out their credit card (if they even have it on them at that moment!) then punch in all that info to buy my widget? NONSENSE! Not. Gonna. Happen.

The Fix: Pay attention to the time of day, the situation your prospects may be in, when you’re trying to get in front of them, and also how much info you’re trying to pry out of them at that moment. Usually, if you’re asking someone to buy something, you should stick to only desktop ads (no mobile advertsing).

Facebook Advertising Tip #2: Make Sure Your Website Is Mobile Responsive

So, have you ever been to a website on your phone and it’s hard to browse and WAY too complicated to find the information you wanted… but when you look at it on a desktop, it’s the prettiest thing ever?

That’s a website that’s built for computer browsing, NOT mobile browsing. When the web dude built the thing, he didn’t consider the fact that over 90% of people looking at websites these days are looking at them via cell phone.

Consequently, too many times advertisers send mobile traffic ̶ that they’re paying for! ̶ to websites that are not designed for mobile viewing. As a result, they wind up paying for clicks and losing sales.

When people browse a website that doesn’t show up correctly in their phones, it’s frustrating. And it’ll take about 2 seconds for them to click away and go find a competitor with a mobile-responsive site they can read.

So all that money the advertiser paid to bring them to their site, just went right down the toilet!

The Fix: Have someone build you a mobile-friendly website and make sure that any and all of your landing pages are mobile-friendly as well.


Facebook Advertising Tip #3: Quit Advertising To People When They’re Distracted

If you are going to attempt to sell a product or do something that requires a lot of time from someone on their mobile device (like watching a sales video, or filling out a survey), make sure they’re in a situation where they can actually focus on the task.

When it comes to mobile advertising on Facebook, the time that someone needs to watch your little three-minute pitch is actually very significant. That means they have to be somewhat isolated from other people. They need to be in a place where they can hear and focus — with little distraction. And, no, I’m don’t mean people that are sitting in the can.

So, how do you know when someone is ready to give your ads their undivided attention?

Well, within Facebook and Instagram, there is a way to advertise to people only when they’re connected to WiFi.

When they’re connected to WiFi, it greatly increases the chances of finding people who are most likely in a position to focus on your message, take out their credit card and make a purchase, watch your five-minute explainer video, or sign up for your offer.

So, you’re actually weeding out the people doing a speed browse from the loo (that’s posh talk for the crapper), and only getting in front of people who can give your advertising the attention you want.

The Fix: Use the WIFI setting for mobile ads.


Facebook Advertising Tip #4: Don’t Do This…

This one is more of a warning. We’re really transparent at Billy Gene Is Marketing, so not only do I tell you what’s going to help you, I’m going to call out our own mistakes.

When it comes to volume (the number of people who will see your ad on Facebook and Instagram) if you’re only advertising to desktop computers, you’re going to reach a much smaller audience than with mobile. That’s because there aren’t as many people browsing on laptops or desktops anymore as on cell phones or tablets.

Now, if you’re running an advertisement over the weekend and you’re only advertising to mobile devices, then you’re going reach a much broader audience, and that’s good because you can get more leads and sales. But you have to be very careful, because if you don’t set a daily budget, you can spend a LOT of money really fast.

If your ad account is like ours, we don’t set a daily budget. We monitor the campaigns and manually turn them on and off as needed. So, at anytime, if someone turns on a campaign and doesn’t turn it off, we can spend a lot of money. And that makes for an angry me.


Now, I don’t want to have to call people out, but since that’s what we’re here to do, let me tell you what happened recently…

We’re running this campaign and I get a call from Reena at 11:45pm (after I had sent her a text telling her to turn this campaign off at 11:00), and she says, “Hey! What are you doing?”

I say, “It’s 11:45 Reena, you know what I’m doing, I’m playing video games.”

She says, “I just wanted to see how you’re doing. You good?”

Instantly, I know something’s up. “What’s going on Reena?” I ask.

She says, “So, we were running that campaign and we just … we just spent $1500.”

“How’s that possible? I told you to turn it off,” and I’m thinking, $1500 in 45 minutes?! What the bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep, bleeeeeeep!

“Well,” she says, “We had a really good ad!”

OK, touché.


Now, if you’re thinking like I did, $1500 in 45 minutes!? Bleeeeeeeeep!

This happened because we were targeting mobile users and our audience was huge, so in that short time-frame we wound up with a runaway campaign.

Luckily the ad performed well, and we got excellent responses with all that money, because if it hadn’t all hell woulda broke loose!

The Fix: If you’re not in a position to monitor your mobile campaigns constantly, set a daily budget limit so the campaign automatically shuts down before you have runaway spending.


Facebook Advertising Tip #5:

You know what the truth is, I don’t really have a number five … but it looks good!

The Fix: Use tips #1-4 and you won’t need a 5th.

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-by The Billy Gene Is Marketing Squad