The Homeless Dude’s Secret to Making Money from a Park Bench, the Back of a Thailand Elephant, or Anywhere Else in the World

Welcome to today’s article!

Gather ’round, because today we’re going to play a game of Mythbusters. In this game I’m going to bust the myth that you have to have a j-o-b, in an o-f-f-i-c-e, working 9-5 to earn a great living.

Hang tight, because I’m going to crack the code on another, brilliant, money-making idea that can change your fortunes, forever.

But, first, I have a question for ya. Could someone dress like a homeless dude, work from a coffee shop or from a park bench, and make money practically fall out of the sky — and deposit into his bank account, as if by magic?

Tell, me. Do you think so, or not?

If you said, “Not,” you’d be wrong!

The answer is, yes, it’s real! The Real Deal! Now, because I’m generous and awesome and I give you a ton of free content, I’m going to show you how to do this for yourself.

Step 1: You need a laptop

You definitely cannot do this if you don’t have a laptop. If you don’t have a laptop, borrow one from a friend. If you can’t do that, go to Best Buy and get one on their 18-month, no interest payment plan. If you don’t have good enough credit for that, beg a friend or relative who does. If you don’t know anybody who has good credit, go use a free computer at the local library!


Step 2: Be able to provide a service

What kind of service? A service that a lot of businesses need! Possibly like being in the business of finding customers for other businesses. Something like that.  

That would be a hell of a service; I wonder who does that?

The service should be for businesses that have customers who want their products/services again, and again, and again, and again … and that need to bring in customers month, after month, after month, after month. If the economy goes to hell, it should be a business that will probably need even more customers.

Tip: Emergency services would NOT make good clients for the service you’d provide. They don’t have repeat customers, and most get their business comes from insurance claims.

Step 3: It needs to be a service that can be automated

For example, if you’re mining in tunnels, your value is only good as the pickax you use.

But what happens when the mining company buys a machine that does the work five times faster than you, and it’s got multiple arms. All of a sudden, you’re redundant.

So you need to offer a service in which you’re not exchanging time for dollars. You want one where you can really leverage your time. One that can be replicated again, and again, and again, and again without you even being there.

So, the key to making money is having simple processes that happen over and over and can be automated (think Ford Auto assembly line). In my company, we make money by having internet-based processes — online automation.

For example, we’ll work with one company in an industry to find customers for it. Once we have the process down for that company, we know that we can do the same thing for another company in that same industry. Then we take those processes and move into other companies in other cities and other states.

We know with each new client, we’ll make more and more money as we smooth out the process, and the customer generation machine runs faster and leaner. That’s what we do!  

Step 4: Make sure the service can be executed from anywhere in the world

One of the best things about what we do, is that it doesn’t matter where we are in the world; the machine keeps running.

My trusty sidekick, Reena, is going to Thailand for three weeks. As long she has her laptop and internet access, she can work — and make money.

Now, her intent with this trip is NOT to work. It’s her vacation, but if we did need to get hold of her in an emergency, we can jump on Google Hangouts or Skype and get in touch. As long as she has wifi on top of her elephant, then she can definitely still run her business!

Now, that’s the way to make money online! How powerful is that?

How many of you are reading this and thinking, “Holy cow! I can work from home, from a park bench, or anywhere else in the world, including on top of an elephant in Thailand?”

We may be on to something here, no?

My team and I provide a service that meets all of these criteria. We’re in the business of finding customers for other businesses, using Facebook and Instagram paid advertisements.

This is a skill that, once learned, you can execute from anywhere in the world. As a company, regardless of where we’re at — San Diego, New Orleans, Portland, or if one of my team is in Thailand, the income is still the same. It still rolls in every week.

Fun fact: 97% of our clients are not in the same city as us; we’ve never met them face-to-face.

We’ve never met 98% of our students! Wow, how we do that?

Because we can communicate, now, with things like a laptop, a cellphone, Skype, Google hangouts or Go to Webinar where we can talk to one person or to many, and really leverage our time.

There are so many cool things, now, that if you’re sitting there thinking, “Yeah, sure, it must be nice…”

Guess what? The only difference between you and my team is we have skills.

We can provide businesses something that you cannot – customers. And as long as businesses need customers, we’ll be in demand.

Now, if you’d like to have a skill like this — one that will let you work from the top of an elephant in Thailand, an airboat in the everglades, a hot air balloon over France — you should probably join C.A.M.P. (Customer Acquisition Master Program).

You just might find it’s the best decision you’ve ever made… in your entire life.

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