Why I Love Email Marketing and Other Spammy Stories

Today, we’re going to talk about something that I think a lot of people have twisted. We’re going to talk about email marketing and why it is hands down the most effective way, on the planet, to sell your products or services online.

Why Email is Better Than Facebook Marketing

Yeah, you saw that right. Email is BETTER than Facebook or any other online platform for that matter. Here’s why: the problem with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. is that they control your distribution.

For example, if someone puts a post on their Facebook fan page, what percentage of their “friends” do you think will actually see that post?

Wait for it … wait for it … a whoppin’ 1 to 3 percent.

That’s right — only one to three percent. So, if you have a 100 people who like your page, one to three people will see your posts. How effective do you think that is when you have some kind of promotion or an important message share?

Now, let’s talk Instagram. New HOT chick on the block. And boy is she popular! Because when you’re on Instagram, you are one of — no exaggeration — millions of accounts someone might follow.

The chances of someone actually taking a second to engage in your little Black Friday sale, or whatever you’re promoting is just about nil. You’re dreaming if you think you’ll get much traction there.

And then there is email. Oh that wonderful, powerful, and totally misunderstood marketing medium…

Can you tell I think email is awesome? Do you know why? Because even if Facebook suddenly deleted your account… and if Twitter told you you’ll never tweet again you twirp… and if that new Instagram chick loved you today, blocked you tomorrow…

Even if you got kicked out of every social platform on the world wide web… you’d still have your email list.

That’s property you own, something no one can take away from you, something you can always leverage to sell your stuff. And that’s gold, Baby!

A few of my favorite things… about email marketing that is

One of the reasons I’m so hooked on email marketing is the ability to track pretty much anything you want. And when I say track, I mean stalk — being able to find out what people are doing, when they’re doing it and how often they’re doing it! So you know what to do, and what to say in your next email to move them on through your marketing funnel, right to the sale.

For me, MailChimp is my email marketing platform of choice. It’s my favorite because it’s extremely user friendly and we can track all kinds of intel — when someone opens an email, how many times they opened it, what images or links they clicked inside of it, how many times they clicked those images and links, and more.

This capability provides us some HOT analytics that we can use to find out what gets a reader’s attention, and what turns their crank, so we can serve up more of the same and keep marching them right on down the aisle to the purchase altar.

But that’s not all!

Here’s a little bonus trick, I’ll pass along to you for sticking with me through this article. This is probably one of the coolest things that you can do with your email marketing…

It’s an app. But not just any app. It’s one of the best apps that you can download (it’s free) to get the inside scoop on your recipients even if you contact them through Gmail.

The app is called Sidekick and you can use it with Google Chrome to see when people open your messages. That means you don’t have to buy a monthly email service, like MailChimp or AWeber. You can just use it with your Gmail account.

So why is that important? Because Sidekick will track everything with your Gmail account that you can do with a professional email service — when, how often, and even where they were when they opened your message! It’s extremely useful.

So next time you want to send some drama to your ex-boyfriend, or ex-girlfriend — you’ll know if it worked. (#Stalker) Hey, if you are a weirdo, don’t download this!

Putting it together

Now, let’s bring this full circle back to the business world. Here are some examples of when it would be good to know how your prospects and customers are interacting with your emails.

Let’s says you had a client in the B2B (business to business) space, and you get a notification that someone opened your email. That may be the perfect time to send them a second email that says: Hey, so glad you just opened up my email, do you have time to chat?

Just kidding! Don’t say anything like that. You don’t want to let them know you’ve been keeping tabs on them or that you know they opened your email. Or do you?

But you can send a follow up email that says, Hey, did you ever have the chance to check out what I sent you? That will trigger their memory (without being too creepy), and give you a chance to continue the conversation — again, moving them along your sales funnel.

That’s just one quick, little email marketing tip and here’s another one I’ll leave with you …

It’s OK to spam


Yeah, that’s what I said. It’s actually OK to spam and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

I say this because if you’re offering something somebody really wants, you’re not spamming them, right? In our dealings with hundreds of companies we run across people all the time who are shooting their business’ in the foot because they’re so afraid of annoying their list.

So these execs will tell me things like, “Listen, Bill, I know it’s the holidays, but we only want to send out two emails and that’s all. We want to protect our list, we don’t want to get in trouble spamming them.”

Shut up!

First of all, there are all kinds of cool things you can do to be a proactive marketer and still “protect your list.” For example, one of our favorites with MailChimp is to only send emails to people who didn’t open the first one. So, if someone doesn’t open, sometimes we’ll send an additional three emails, changing the subject line every time to make them look new, so more people open them.

If you don’t understand the importance of continually engaging with people over time, let me enlighten you.

There are two things you need to understand.

  1. People are busy living their lives. They’re not waiting by their inbox eagerly anticipating the arrival of your next message. (As much as I’d love for that to be true!)
  2. When they read your email, they’ve usually got 12 other distractions going on at the same time. It’s not like they’re curling up on the couch for the afternoon with a best-seller here.

So you have to, have to, HAVE TO consistently remind them of your amazing offers and why they should take you up on them.

For example, recently I hosted a Webinar for one of my courses, Clicks Into Customers. The course has a $997 price tag to enroll. Over four days of promotions we got about 91 sales.

But on the very first day only 23 people — something like that — signed up.

Now, if we hadn’t continued to email them for the following three days, we would have stopped at $23K in income. But we’re not that easily amused. We continued to engage them with emails that had subject lines like ‘last chance’, ‘make sure you open this’, and ‘time is running out’.

On the very last day of that promotion we landed an additional $68K in sales with those types of scarcity subject lines, until we got down to ‘last hour’.

Now imagine what would have happened if we’d thought, Oh my gosh! We can’t email them three days in a row — that’s spamming! We can’t do that. We have to protect our list.

Don’t EVER think like that!

To spam or not to spam!

That’s the question isn’t it? Not. Any. More.

I’m telling you choose “spam” every single time, because if your product or service truly helps people, it’s never spam. Did you see that? IT’S NEVER SPAM. They have the option to remove themselves from your list. You don’t need that person anyways.

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-by The Billy Gene Is Marketing Squad