Narcissism: A Great Business Growth Strategy

Today we’re going to discuss an important lesson about attention, and why a little narcissism can be a great business growth strategy. In other words, you should aim to be the center of attention, especially on social media.

The reason why attention is necessary to grow your business is because if people don’t know you exist, they can’t buy your products or service. DO NOT be the world’s best kept secret! Because that will be your bank account’s worst nightmare.

Here are 5 areas in which attention is a great business growth strategy:

Your email marketing campaigns

If you want someone to open your e-mail, you’ve got to grab their attention… and that starts with the subject line.

Is your subject line going to say, Foods to Avoid, or 7 Common Foods That Make You Sick?  

Your website

If you have a landing page or website you want people to see, it needs to get attention. You can get that attention by driving traffic to it through paid ads or other sources, but you have to put content out on the Web that attracts attention back to the site or it will remain lost in cyberspace. Then, once you get people to the site, you have to keep their attention so they read your content, click through your web pages, and eventually make a purchase. Nothing happens for a business on the Web, without first getting attention.

Your brick & mortar store

If you own a traditional business, how do you get people to come into your store and buy your products? You need attention! ATTENTION! If people don’t know you exist, then you pretty much don’t.

Now, let’s talk about ways to get your audience’s attention:

Ask a question

Asking a question is a great way to get someone’s attention, because our brains are programmed in a way that we feel compelled to answer.

Like, right now, “When was the last time you went pee?” Got you, right? You thought about it. You actually thought about how to answer that, even though you didn’t want to.

The shock factor

Let’s think about what Donald Trump is doing with the presidential race. It’s brilliant, actually. He keeps saying ridiculous things, and he is consuming the media and everyone else’s attention.

And honestly, he might not actually believe everything he says, but he still says it. And the media goes crazy for awhile. And about the time the brouhaha starts dying down, he makes another crazy statement, and stirs the media up all over again. Partly, I think it’s because he loves messing with the media, because he knows they can’t really touch him. He doesn’t depend on a bunch of backers with their own agendas to fund his campaign. So the media and political parties have no leverage over him. 

Trump has done such a fantastic job of grabbing attention, that he’s eclipsing all of the other candidates — on both sides!

And let me tell you how attention works, it goes like this: you get someone’s attention, and then you get criticism, people will hate, they’ll punch, and then at some point in time the criticism turns into admiration. Look at the Kardashians. They got a TV show, everybody hated them, and now she’s like the it girl.


Sex sex sex sex! It’s like the oldest trick in the book, but anything that’s kind of racy always gets someone’s attention. It’s kind of trashy and we don’t recommend it,  but you can do it depending on what you’re selling.

Outlandish Statements

An outlandish statement is making a ridiculous claim. Something like, “man jumps from a plane, parachutes down onto a tricycle, then pops a wheelie into the ocean, gets eaten by a shark, spit back out, and survives. Click here!”

It makes you stop in your tracks, and think, Wait, what? We’re so used to hearing normal conversations and seeing mundane things, that when you hear or see something outlandish it gets your attention.

Stupid, dumb deals!

Look at Groupon, for example, they’ve grown into a huge business because they run these outrageous deals. It’s not really that groundbreaking, by any means, but it freaking works — especially when pushing the offer with Facebook ads. Giving away a “stupid dumb deal,” especially something for free, because you know people are going to buy more later, is really the key to marketing.

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