Selling With Webinars: How to Position Yourself as the Expert in Your Field

I just came from listening to a Webinar, so that’s why this topic is so fresh in my head. And why I strongly believe that you — regardless of the industry you’re in — should be selling with webinars.

So, right now I’m going to break down some very simple math to you, I’m not the math guy, I’m really bad at it. I use a lot of calculators and have smart people around me, but nonetheless, I think you’ll get my point.

Leverage your time and resources with marketing webinars

If you’re making sales one-on-one, meaning that you have to get somebody on the phone to sell your product or service to them, one prospect at a time — then you’re not leveraging your time or your resources in the right way.

For example, let’s say you sell a service that’s $1000. And to sell that service you need to be on the phone with that customer and really go through the process for 30 minutes, maybe an hour.

If you work an eight-hour day and each of your sales takes an hour to close, at best — not including holidays and daily distractions that get in the way — you can make a total of eight grand, right? Now you might be thinking eight grand in a day would be AWESOME!

So let’s minimize that number, let’s just say your product is $100 and you make $800 in a day. That’s where you’re capped. At the end of the day, you’re trading time for dollars. That $800 is your glass ceiling. That’s what you’re stuck with. Every time you want to make money, that means you need to get on the phone and go through the process over and over again.

But what happens when you get sick? When you want to go on vacation? Or do anything else? You’re screwed because you lose $100 an hour when you’re not on the phone.

Webinar marketing to the rescue

Let me tell you why webinars solve the glass-ceiling challenge.

Simply because they allow you to sell to a LOT of people at once — dozens, hundreds, even thousands — instead of just one at a time. Wouldn’t that make your life a heck of a lot easier?

Recently, I was able to present one of my courses, Clicks Into Customers, via webinar, to a group of entrepreneurs simultaneously as opposed to a one-on-one approach.

As a result of that, I think we had about 2,500 people register, and 1,000 of those showed up live. I was able to make 29 sales on that webinar.

Listen to this, the course has a price point of $997. I believe, we made 29 sales within the first 60 minutes. That’s nearly $29,000 in one hour. I hate to repeat it, but I want you to think seriously about this. And I want you to think about it in relation to your business goals.

Just one webinar can quadruple what takes you days to output one-on-one. And do it in just one hour. That’s how long my presentation was, just an hour. This is why you need to be selling with webinars!

Your income from marketing webinars doesn’t stop after the webinar is over

Another benefit of selling with webinars is that you can leverage them for continued sales, long after the webinars are over. Once I’ve made my presentation on a webinar, its recorded. So, now I can send out the replay to other people, which takes about zero time from me. I just create an email in my autoresponder software and blast it out to the world.

Now I’m making sales in my sleep!

You can’t record your one-on-one calls like that and send them to other prospects, can you? Well, you actually can, but the prospect on the recording should probably give your their consent.

At any rate, you see what I’m saying, don’t you? A marketing webinar is the ultimate tool for really scaling your business. It also allows you to maximize your time so you can actually do other things in life that you want to do.

Just a couple of years ago, I was living at my mom’s house until she kicked me out. And now $29K in one freaking hour? It’s ridiculous, but what a blessing!

Marketing webinars work in almost any industry

I’m not unique in knowing how to do this. I’m not special. I just happen to use this process. I don’t care if you do makeup tutorials on YouTube. Imagine inviting people to a free webinar, showing them how to do their makeup and pitching them something at the end. Hey, by the way, if you want to buy the makeup I always use, just click here to buy.

Ok, so that’s makeup, you say. I already know you’re thinking that you’re not in the makeup industry, or even the same industry as I am. So, you’re not sure marketing webinars will work for you.

Like I said earlier, they work for nearly every industry — especially if you sell services. Let’s say you’re a photographer and you’ve got a lot of skills and honest credibility. Invite photography enthusiasts to a webinar that teaches how to make a business out of photography. Then make them an offer at the end. That’s it.

Or how about this one? You work for a loan company and first time home buyers make up one of your target markets. Invite them to a webinar. Educate them on the process of applying for a loan — what to do, what to avoid, etc.

My point is, if you’re not selling with webinars, you’re leaving money on the table. A lot of it. Knock that off!

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